Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The bliss of Tony Bennett

I know most everyone loves punk, alternative, or pop, but criminy . . . THIS IS MUSIC, the kind that lets you exhale, takes you on a rolling dolly shot past scenic cityscapes, tea-drinkers at cute little urban cafes, and dancing at midnight. Punk can't do that. Couldn't dream of it. So there.

EDIT: For aficionados of punk/alternative, etc. offended by the above please read my comment in reply to Sam, thank you.

Just a few lyrical morsels:

Because of You

Because of you there's a song in my heart
Because of you my romance had its start
Because of you the sun will shine
The moon and stars will say you're mine
Forever and never to part

I only live for your love and your kiss
It's paradise to be near you like this
Because of you my life is now worthwhile
And I can smile
Because of you

I only live for your love and your kiss
It's paradise to be near you like this
Because of you my life is now worthwhile
And I can smile
Because of you


This is All I Ask

As I approach the prime of my life
I find I have the time of my life
Learning to enjoy at my leisure
All the simple pleasures
And so I happily concede
That this is all I ask
This is all I need

Beautiful girls, walk a little slower when you walk by me
Lingering sunsets, stay a little longer with the lonely sea
Children everywhere, when you shoot at bad men, shoot at me
Take me to that strange, enchanted land grown-ups seldom understand

Wandering rainbows, leave a bit of color for my heart to own
Stars in the sky, make my wish come true before the night has flown
And let the music play as long as there's a song to sing
And I will stay younger than Spring


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  2. #1: I DO NOT have a favorite genre. I was listening to this at the time and relishing it. The imagery I spoke of happened to bubble up in that moment . . .
    #2: What the? What deals w/ real-life? And what IS real life? Furthermore, if we can assume that real life is something I ALREADY experience, I don't understand the joy of reimmersing myself in its puzzling misery when I mean to relax. However, that being said, I love the blues.
    #3: I was NOT attempting a value statement meant to apply to all of God's children everywhere. As is the custom w/ my BLOG, I'm expressing the mid-level intonations and oft-times murky insinuations of my soul. I am not going for anything demagogic or even pedagogic, so much of what I express should be understood as relating to the extremely miniscule world of BIG T. I get the feeling that persons from either seaboard would feel more adequate to convey a "broad" consensus of cool people, and therefore speak w/ some pseudo-universal authority. I have never been a part of any inner circle, musical or otherwise, etc., etc., etc.
    #4: As you suggest, these musical forms may have more meaning for you. I am an idealist of sorts, and a self-declared escapist. I attempt feebly to visualize what should or could be, and not regularly what IS. This is a defense I've created--- amongst other reasons ---in response to my chosen field; numerous directors enjoy infusing their films w/ fantastic violence, graphic sexual exploits and vulgar language because they see it as being representative of "reality." I'd much rather reality be less toxic to my already corrupted sensibilities.
    Of course, this debate is something I battle with internally, and we're leading more and more into an endless discussion that frustrates erudite academics and lofty "artists." I'll forego such a discussion here. I'm not about to type an essay when I've got precious will to do other things I know I HAVE to . . . :)
    At any rate, I'm sure as w/ all musical genres (or any genre, for that matter---excepting porn) there are precious morsels to be had. You forget that my music selection is/was decidedly eclectic. I only know that I can listen to an entire Tony Bennett album w/o feeling compelled to skip a song or three. Capice?
    Until next time . . . Avocado.

  3. I think you should let Sam expose you to all the wonders of non-mainstream punk. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. But if not, don't worry, I'll still love ya.

  4. I would just like to say that, as an idealist of the worst sort, I still like punk.

    Maybe it's because of my whole "ignorance might be bliss, but I'd still rather confront the truth" thing. Then, so armed with reality, I can continue expecting the best of people. And hoping.

  5. ooooh... y'all are gonna be soooo maaaad at meeee....

    as far as i am concerned, punk no longer exists. it has ceased to be. the stuff we refer to as punk today is not punk in the slightest. it is commercialized and bastardized and soft. Good Charlotte is not punk. Plain White Tees... not punk. Taking Back Sunday? No. No No No. Not punk. MAYBE skater. but not punk. The closest things we have to "punk" are bands like Goldfinger and Green Day (sometimes) and even they are getting commercialized and bastardized and soft. You want punk? listen to The Ramones. listen to The Clash. Find me a band that compares to them in the SLIGHTEST and i will give you a dollar. punk does not equal music. punk is genuine anarchy. punk is not trendy. it's violent.

    and don't even get me started on people who dress "punk" in stuff they got from hot topic/spencers/wallmart. dear lord. what is happening to the world?

  6. I completely concur with Brenda.

    There was a time when I thought people categorized music only because they shared an elitist view on their preferred kind of music. Now, however, I realize I wouldnt want something like The Devlins to be categorized as popular music, when Britney Spears is on the Number 1 spot in pop music. :rolleyes:

    P.S.: I shall dl some Tony Bennett :p

  7. I agree with you, Brenda. I am so incredibly sick of all that Good Simple Newfound Plan Charlotte Glory crap. If you know what I mean. I wish they would just admit they're pop. Or even pop/punk. There is some newer true punk, though, and what I really was referring to was punk-style rock music. I kind of like just about everything though.