Wednesday, December 01, 2004


It was a blissful holiday, and no offense to my fellow denizens of Happy Valley, but I didn't want to come back...
Furthermore, excepting the future enjoyment of video games (the Fates willing), what past-times I once enjoyed seem empty or pointless...
Truth be told, I guess I'm sick of the way I usually am, especially on this BLOG, and until I feel I can say something original/exceptionally witty I doubt I'll be posting much.
Y'see, I don't have epiphanic moments unless I'm wowed by an unusually dispiriting dilemma. I become sullen, sardonic, and so forth: an energy-sucker. Allow me to explain the energy-sucker concept as one highly-animated (and tall) religion instructor (and business professor) at BYU implied it. There are two kinds of people in this world: energy suckers and energy suppliers. I, as I understood his insinuation, have ever been the former, and well, I was tired of it then... now I'm near-postal down-spiraling.
So, until I feel like I do more than whimper and radiate my self-absorbed sulking, I'll avoid posting.
On more than one occasion I'll come to my Blogger dashboard, bring up the create a post window and then leave because I don't have anything to say...
That being said I'll skedaddle.


  1. :( I just feel bad that I haven't done more to help you. In my defense, the last four months haven't been the easiest for me, and the rollercoaster ride wasn't extremely conducive to stepping outside myself all the time. But that's just an excuse, and it doesn't help you. But just because you're feeling low and lousy doesn't mean you're an energy-sucker. When I think of an "energy-sucker," I think more of what I like to call a "personality-sucker," someone who just... rubs me the wrong way, or not at all, or something. And think about this: life is a give and take. We have different levels of energy at different times, so we can all help each other out. Please, don't be afraid to post, even if it's mundane or sad. Look at my blog!

  2. Ah, well I ENJOY reading your stuff... You're very, very bright. In my perspective you're really saying something worth reading. I'm not as certain about my "material"

  3. Liz said it all. I'm sorry you feel that way, Taylor. I personally love reading your blog, but it's up to you. If I hadn't been out of town most of the last two weeks and wasn't going crazy because of my busy schedule lately I would know more about what's been new with you lately. I apologize.