Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I should have been a farmer...

No doubt the packs of ravenous Potter fans have already masticated, digested, and er, excreted the latest news on the fourth installment of the movie version coming this November, and will soon enough be perched ominously over the carcass of the sixth book arriving this month.

Likewise Star Wars fans' creative saliva is dribbling down their sagging jowls after a hearty helping of the Dark Side, and they'll be twenty years down the road foraging in a video game bin for a relic copy of a Star Wars first-person shooter just for old-times sake.

Even the bedraggled vestiges of Lord of the Rings majesty hover like the skeletal reinforcements of the last installment over the media-frenzied populace.

The aftermath of them all? A drought of creative elbow-room. I speak from a creator's standpoint when I whimper that I can't make a viable "stand-out" wizard/fantasy story in the wake of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Were I to attempt a sci-fi epic it would get caught like a dolphin in a net meant for tuna. They would see my personal "babies" and call them by other names. My Jonathan would be their Anakin... My RedGuy would be their... I dunno.

Perhaps it's just that my timing is terrible. I want to make a work that inspires... and I don't know how to surpass something like Harry Potter , etc. when I'm still geeking out about them myself. Ugh. To quote a movie that thankfully isn't so "epic," (or at least so prolific) "I should have been a farmer."

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  1. Um, book six comes out in July, which is next month. But thanks for giving me a happy thrill for a second! And thanks for posting again!