Monday, April 24, 2006

Back from hiatus...

Hiatus sounds too Hollywood; or maybe I wish it did. A lingering part of me wishes I was hob-knobbing with the big studio moguls, hopeful starlets, and otherwise fulfilling lifelong aspirations of having my imagination finally mean something financially important. Well, whether it's self-imposed reprieve or slothful negligence I've repented and returned to you, welcoming oblivion of cyberspace.

Sad but true, my motivations for writing here ---I've come to realize--- were primarily because I thought someone was paying attention. Now that I'm almost certain no one does, I should just really say things like I mean them. I'm not suggesting that anything I've said previously was remotely untrue. Rather, I won't have to mince the spicier elements for the benefit of persons for whom my respect demands a modicum of delicacy.

Granted, since this is still a "public" venue, I'll not share my deepest sentiments, but I'll feel less obliged to spare people's feelings about punk music. :)

1 comment:

  1. I still read, you just so rarely update that I don't check it often.