Sunday, January 23, 2005

Calumnious cacophony

I'm not certain about the rest of the world; I spend too many hours sequestered in my cavernous corner of the Villa to have peered into the minds of others, but I'm regularly beset by a stream of pestilent voices, bellicose, sneering and senseless: anti-social to say the least. It's yet another reason I abscond with my heart tucked away, lest I "radiate" any of my sinister tendencies to the typical gaggle of Mormon goody-goodies spelunking very near my doorstep.

Of course, over the years I've painted careful portraits of these motley characters, some of them bent-faced ogres, others poisonous beauties, all of them adding to my narrative lexicon. I suppose it's a mixed curse. Suffice it to say, however, that I wonder if when I'm flustered by their bickering and derisive tones I don't reveal a twitch or a tick commonly associated w/ the clinically insane. Once a friend noted that I was moving my jaws without parting my lips, sort of talking with my mouth shut. Too creepy, eh? Maybe I should locate a shrink, or find myself nouveau riche before things get terribly atrocious. That way my dreams of having some macabrely-dressed secret passage-way (or 2, or 10) in my future chateau would be counted eccentric and not psychotic.

Ah well ... here's to early lunacy...

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