Saturday, January 29, 2005

$&%@#$%&--- the fundamentals of Mormon swearing...

It's probably an oddity peculiar to the Ned Flanders-types of the world: the religious zeal that prompts one, when angry (though perhaps sinning in the anger itself) to feebly attempt to keep their language from matching their mood. I myself am guilty of a number of them, until my self-mastery dwindles and I unleash the more unsavory counterparts of the following...
Just a few words/choice phraseology from the bellicose lexicon of Happy Valley:
"a" (as in, "I'm going to come up there and kick your "a"---really threatening! I wonder what part of me corresponds to the letter z),"am" (a variant of damn that one of my roomies conocted---say it w/ gusto and you'll get the connection), dang, darn/darn it, fetch/fetchin', freak/freakin'/g, fudge, gosh (usually paired w/ darn it), heck, schnikes, sheist?, shoot, ship (no, really) Much of the above is used in combination; also, foul language will be omitted w/ the innuendo still included, as in "What the (pause)?" or "Let's get the (pause) out of here."

There are also the more sophisticated variants on "curses," as in "Oh drat" and "darn it all," "My heck!" and others...

Just an observation... No judgments, just linguistic curiosity... *devilish grin*


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Hi REDGuy...

    Thank you for your comments on my pics. They are indeed for fun.


    Sorry to post here in your comment section, but I didn't know how else to reply to you. If you want to delete this comment I won't be offended.

    Btw - 'Freaking' is my swear of choice.

  2. Truthfully, it's nice to have a visitor. Well, I'm still a newbie at this, so I wouldn't know how even if I cared to... I just think it's interesting how, with so many people manipulating photos via Photoshop, etc. that they do a LOT to achieve what you've done by changing so little. Good stuff!

  3. oh...oh..nice going with the blog. keep it up. :)

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