Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mirrors behind a woman's magic...

So I visited my "ex" last night/this morning, and can say little for my new steely bravado. Where was the Dirty Harry in me? In the fog-ridden ride up I was nothing but grimacing grim; however, as I approached, my reserves of macho misogyny turned tail and I transformed into a fawning fop again. Wishing to remain impervious to the rather impish inclinations to which I have typically clung when it comes to women, I maintained what moxie I could as I hunted for her door. It was short-lived. She's... well, she's sensational.

Not surprising, as to whether my amazement was reciprocated I do not know. How women can remain so apparently unaffected by men is beyond me, but I think I've covered that before, and to no discernible conclusion. Let's chalk it up to the nature of gender differences. I only wish that we actually followed nature more (or as it's portrayed on the Discovery channel) wherein at least a few species exhibit the male as alluring, like in the case of the peacock... LOL. Not that I want to be a peacock.

Of course, this is me going on again about the same ignoramus rigamarole as always.

I've also realized that besides being a mangutang, I'm also a porcupine. So no peacock; I've enough of the animal kingdom in me.

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