Friday, February 25, 2005

Fun with demons

So what can I say about Constantine, except wow, wow, and wow? "But it's special effects detritus," you say. "It stinks of convenient deus ex machina moments and other assorted plot devices," you protest. And I say, au contraire, my little cherubs. That's right. Considering my doubts about the movie just on the cusp of buying a ticket, I could have fried the $5 and served it w/ a nice Chianti. Maybe not having been to the movies in a month, being over-stressed about not getting a job, or poring over some mind-wrenching film genre text just minutes before the movie all contributed to my overall wonderment at the pulse-pounding, rip-roaring, and smartly executed occult thriller. So many "occult" films tend to spill over into a rarified mix of one-liner misfires, overdone action sequences, and spectacular and widespread demonic creatures shoddily churned out of Hollywood's CGI machine. Somehow all of the rank-and-file of disappointments like "End of Days" and "Spawn" seems to fall gingerly in place in this film, sprinkled with sardonic grumblings from Reeves's Constantine, constantly cradling a cigarette.

I don't know whether I'm surprised at the film or myself for relishing it, even to the point of getting goosebumps when an ambiguous female angel Gabriel unfolds a pair of ashen wings or being dazzled by the dark host of fallen rogues hanging out at a sort of voodoo/Catholic priest's lounge. Sadly, I left before the rumored extra scene after the credits... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaarggh!

So anyway, if you're up for some fun w/ demons, this one gets my whole-hearted vote...


  1. I've often wondered if movies that I wasn't 100% gun-ho about seeing seem better because of low expectations, or if they truly are worth it... so... does this fit for the film?

    I'm off to see it soon...