Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just over the railroad tracks OR industrial pockets

Today I finished off a roll of "people" photos as per the assignment in my cinematography class, and again struck gold by finding an "ugly" industrial pocket of the Provo/Orem area. Last night, I went w/ someone kind enough (and available on short notice) to snap some shots along Center Street and fortuitously, in a gated area left open to the caprices of a novice photographer next to Provo Power. There were giant spools of electric cable, some aged wood and others pale aqua with rust-colored edges. Unusual, rugged, almost urban: a delightful backdrop for a fresh face, a fragile hand, brown eyes brightening boredom.
So it was this morning that upon venturing just over the railroad tracks and down a stretch another kind helper and my camera chanced upon the mangled ruins of a semi-truck and several trailers stacked atop one another like some monumental post-apocalyptic relic. The scenery alone assured some very unique photography.
It's fascinating just how the "ugly" of things man-made can still be made beautiful if cast in a sunny light, warmed by a smile, or made more intriguing by a probing pair of eyes.

I'll no doubt have to scan a few slides of the best shots, that is, w/ the permission of both occupants...

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