Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Oh my lord, I'm a liberal... almost

So last night I was thinking just how terrified I am of apocalyptic terror, and based on the news of some $200 billion dollars spent on the continuing conflict in Iraq, thrown into a spicy soup of post-apocalyptic imagery (the most recent and notable being that of a charred Washington, D.C. on USA's "The Dead Zone"---thank you, late night television!) I realized in one of my overwhelming mental torrents at around 2 this morning... I really don't trust George "W." This understanding isn't as shocking as the numerous emotional (and sometimes comedic) arguments I had (around the same time) against political conservatives' war-mongering...

I get the impression that some "W" crusaders think in a peripheral way that the U.S's mucking around in the Middle East is some kind of holy war; that in fact we're saving the world by stirring the hornet's nest or dancing in a pit of cranky cobras. That's right. Cranky cobras!

While I subscribe to the LDS ethos of submission to governmental authority---(we believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law) ---I don't believe that means exonerating/disregarding the obvious frailties and/or lack of "inspiration" in our secular leadership. Anyway, I can feel the level of bile surging inside me... I'd best let things lie until I can write a cogent (but scathing) letter to the President. :)

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  1. fuck being nice! GW is a twat. Hes ruined any respect the world had left for his country... And this whole "bringing justice and truth" to the "un-civilised" world thing... I mean pur-lease, he wouldn't know it if it lodged itself in his windpipe (we can always pray).

    He seems to think that "if it aint Christ it aint right", and not to take into account the differences in political foundations. We can't simply transfer a 10 commandment-based political system onto a muslim country. Its just rude, not to mention wrong.

    I don't know what Im on... on a bit of a gander...sorry for rambling.

    keep up the blogging

    xx VC