Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Corn cakes or O'Reilly

I just wolfed down some six or so corn cakes, which are really just like rice cakes. Dry, frustratingly light monstrosities that have no business being referred to as snack food. I want something that will fill the emptiness inside, and I get glorified air. The pathetic downside is that I feel pudgy, like if I had eaten 10 Nutter Butters. So there's the guilt and no gratification, which doesn't make sense to me. And does every grain become a low fat snack alternative? I mean, I don't see white cheddar "wheat" cakes on the shelf at Wal-Mart. And I thought Wal-Mart had well . . . everything, but super cheap and flimsy.

Anyway, I also realize that the only reason I appreciate Republicans, if you can appreciate the irony, is that they don't sound as full of malarky as do Democrats. I mean, I can't help but chuckle along with O' Reilly when he talks about his detractors, or to nod in the affirmative when he questions a Democratic ploy. Does that make me a Republican? I shudder to give in to the bi-partisan buffoonery. Anyway, to anyone who cares, this is me, signing off.


  1. Well, I personally don't see any difference between the two parties. I think this upcoming election sucks. I dislike both of them.

    And yes, people care. I just wish your messenger had been working last night!

  2. Eh? I was just late in getting to my computer, m'lady. We can discuss my personal definition of "passion" whenever you feel it necessary.

  3. You're missing out on the fun of politics, though! Or maybe it's just a weirdness in my blood. Probably has something to do with being from D.C. Whatever it is, I find intelligent political discussions fascinating and bipartisanship necessary, not burdensome.

  4. Oh, but I loathe the seemingly futile nature of it all; oh, and the pomposity. Or maybe I just like saying pomposity.