Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Me and Roger

Well, I'm officially unsettled. It's not like I didn't have a storm cloud or two lingering over my clunking cranium, but thanks to Michael Moore's freshman film I'm now inundated with thoughts of socio-economic doom. Ugh. So I'm going to seem much like the pastel-clad blue-haired ladies teeing off at the private club in the movie, but I'd like every now and then to smile, and I just can't when I'm made aware of the tragic moral incongruities that prevail thanks to money-grubbing corporate-types all over the world and not just in Flint, Michigan. I still don't understand how Michael Moore can fake a smile unless he's being smug or mischievous at the expense of the "establishment." (I put that in quotations, or as they appear when gestured, "bunny foo-foos," because I think the establishment is almost as much the anti-establishment as anything else nowadays. I mean, seriously. I feel like a rebel being religious in today's climate. That's right, bring the "man" down! . . . that he may humble.) :)

Anyway, I ate a Jell-O cup and some Triscuits so I'm cool. Er, except for that seething sensation in my stomach . . . (Don't I end most every post w/ some kind of bowel dysfunction? Patterns are our friends!)


  1. oh my gosh. oh... MY gosh. don't even get me started about michael moore. i can literally feel my blood boiling as i type. and it's not because i'm a sheltered conservitive, either. i'm far from sheltered (no, i didn't grow up in utah, either) and i'm a card-carrying democrat. but i'm not a Loud Obnoxious Hyper-Libral with Unnessicary Unfounded Over-Exposed Pot-Stirring Tendencies, either... unlike certain filmmakers previously mentioned.

    i told you not to get me started. so i'm going to stop myself before i start typing with enough vigor to break the keyboard and set the monitor on fire.

  2. Hehe, I pictured you maniacally typing so fast that your fingers disappeared and your eyes protruded from your head by half an inch . . . Hhahaahahah! You crack me up, sistah.

    I, frankly, used to think ill of Michael Moore, but whatever acclaim I begrudged him I'm more willing to rescind now that I've witnessed his "honesty."

    Film folk will know and readily testify that no one can make a truly objective film. You cannot shoot "reality," (thus my gripe with reality television). So anyone suggesting that Michael Moore should do more to show "both sides" is suggesting that we tell a kettle that calls itself black to go grey.

    I appreciate the fact that, when you watch a M.M. movie, as I'll call them, oooh or an M to the M movie, you're not in the dark as to the director's feelings, motivations, etc. even if you've been living in the Basque region of Spain w/o a television or newspaper and think Michael Moore is the expatriate guy running a cheap necklace shop for tourists
    down the street.

    As you're watching, Moore is very clear in his designs, whether you appreciate them or not. In my newly personal opinion, Moore promotes thinking, at least awakens an audience. Watching crap like Shark Tale will not accomplish this, but retard the process considerably. Considering how deep the chain of deception goes in our own government, it's nice to know someone is rattling things every now and then. Hurrah, Mr. Moore.

    (Just don't ask me to eat much after watching . . .)

  3. yes, he does get people thinking and starts dialogues and has a slimy, underhanded talent for what he does. he's a good story teller and draws attention to subjects that certainly deserve attention. however, he manipulates facts consistently for the sake of shock-value and to serve his own purposes. by all means, watch a michael moore documentary. read his books. but never ever take him for the gospel truth. don't become a michael moore puppet and call yourself a liberal. do your own (expletive deleted) research and make your own (expletive deleted) decisions and opinions. don't be a liberal. don't be a conservative. be what YOU think is right and make it something different and, above all, informed. yes, michael moore has the right to free speech, but i have the right not to listen to him.

    *gets off soap box*

  4. I'm only guessing the previous tirade distended from personal disdain and not out of concern for my political leanings; if you know me you'd understand I don't take ANYTHING w/o a generous dollop of salt (and sometimes other spices).

    I'd have to say that I'm almost resenting the fact that you think I could be anyone's puppet. Now, if Michael Moore were a woman exuding oodles of vulnerability, tenderness, and had big, brown eyes and a cute behind I'd follow him anywhere, but that's another issue. (Sorry, I caught just enough of Roswell to get sucked into the black-hole vortex that is romantic television teen angst.)

    Anyway, I only get swept up by Michael Moore's movies because I see ancient America parallels, a la The Book of Mormon, especially in "Me and Roger," and not so much the snippets I saw of Bowling for Columbine. I'm already anti-guns, anti-materialism, etc. w/o needing inspiration from a man who clearly needs a new look.

    Come to think of it I'm more influenced by programming not meant to teach/influence but entertain, so what's more perilous?

  5. and FURTHER more, I haven't watched Shark's Tale. However i can say that there are many movies NOT made by Mr. Moore that promote conversations between people. Beauty and the Beast, for example, or the lion king. acceptance and family relationships are just as important to talk about as the columbine shootings and can provide just as many interesting dialogues. Michael Moore has his place in the cosmos, and if that's what someone needs to get a fire going under their (expletive deleted) and actually start thinking about the world, then okay. but anyone who ONLY starts dialogues about michael moore movies and not about other movies (i've had grand debates surrounding Princess Diaries)is not the kind of "informed" person that i would like to listen to. michael moore loves michael moore and could probably give a rat's (expletive deleted) about the actual state and future of the nation. he does it for shock, for drama, and for a blind following.

    and i would just like to cite an instance in which moore flexes his manipulative muscles. In Bowling for Columbine, when he gives the death-by-gun numbers of a bunch of countries and then gives the shockingly high number for the US... yeah. do the research. per capita, each country he listed is basically the same, give or take a percentage point. 33%. still a problem, but perhaps the US isn't as dirty and corrupted as one may think. or at least it isn't alone.

    no offense to anyone, really. least of taylor. i'm just a very opinionated person. told you not to get me started. ;)

  6. Bah. I just don't feel like anyone deserves being assaulted, even if they're as bonkers as Michael Moore. Since he's probably too busy to defend himself, I'll act as stand in . . .

    Maybe I'm a devil's advocate. Er, I know I've got the devil's part down . . .

  7. i'm not referring to you as a puppet in particular, taylor. honest. i should use "one" instead of "you" but i got in trouble in english today for using "one" too much and not coming up with any synonyms. it's the people that absorb every ounce of (expetive deleted) that he has to say and then vomit it back out as their own opinions that make me mad. dance, marionettes, dance.

    I think that letting anything into your head without thinking about it is dangerous. absolutely. of course, we're surrounded by stimuli all the time and it's difficult to use a rhetorical filter and properly digest everything that comes in before we let it become part of us. all my life, as part of my religious upbringing, i was taught to have standards and to measure everything up to them. I think that's just as important to have in every aspect of our lives-- not just religious standards. i think it's important to have opinions and desires and goals and to measure everything up to them, or at least take stock of them every once in a while. and it's important to have conversations and remain informed and not stagnate.

  8. ah... michael moore assaults enough people that he deserves to be assaulted back every now and again. i'm sure he has a lot of good qualities, but his most public ones are ones that i do not admire.