Friday, October 15, 2004

How Little We Know . . .

That's a swell Frank Sinatra ditty, btw. And considering my constant befuddlement w/ the opposite sex, ---(frankly, I don't understand my own gender, either)--- I was wondering if anyone could inform me as to their own personal "signals." I don't want a textbook response, I'm certain that no one woman is exactly the same and thus my difficulty. (I used to think fudge and flowers were magic . . . ) So if you have any signals, especially those suggesting you're "interested," (and in a romantic way, as opposed to wondering what keeps a persons hideous face from exploding into an alien plant) please spell them out here. Maybe we'll compile an anthology. Each of you ladies have qualities I appreciate, so I'd appreciate your input. Tanks!


  1. If I let you touch me, you're golden. Also, if I drive several hours to see you. And if I'm smiling... not just a regular ol' smile, but one of those big, sparkling smiles you can just feel through your whole body. Finding ways to spend extra time with a guy... losing my mind when he's around... and my appetite... and my ability to sleep. And dedicating songs to him. If I dedicate "So Much" to you, then you have stolen my heart and run away with it. Also, if I refer to you as Copernicus or Mr. Cheerio. Or if I call you schatz. Or tell you you're rad. And adding you to my Things That Make Me Happy list. And allowing you to call me "Zay." And if I let you see me unshowered, hair thrown back in a sloppy ponytail, and no makeup. Well, I take that back. You might see me in that state simply because I don't care. If I let you see me sleep, that's definitely a sign. If I become interested in the things you're interested in, if my life gets completely entagled in your own... yeah. If I have no desire to leave your side, that's a hige, glowing, neon sign. Usually I get antsy after a while and start fidgeting. I don't know if I'm obvious about it or not, but if I'm into a guy (and REALLY into him; we're talkin' love here), I get antsy when he's NOT around. Underneath my jaded, cynical, "it's just love, you'll get over it," "laughing at Cyrano de Bergerac" self, I suspect I am quite the clingy mush-bucket. But shhh, that'll be our little secret. Oh, and if I keep things you give me or write on or that connect us in some way. Anything can be romantic when you like a guy. But the best way to find out is just by asking. Or perhaps cutting open my chest and seeing how fast my heart is beating. But that would be messy. So ask, men of the world.

  2. Taylor-
    Liz convinced me to give you a list. I'm sure I won't think of everything right maybe I'll continue this list as a post in my blog. Ha...that idea's a sweet.

    Signs I Like, "Like" You:

    1. I walk into the room and Liz says, "I know that Jennifer smile" and it's for you.
    2. It takes me twenty minutes to work up the nerve to call you for the first time.
    3. I wait on campus where you have class...just to say "hi".
    4. I wait on the Law Bridge for 45 minutes for you.
    5. I cry about you.
    6. I can't be mad or hurt anymore after seeing you smile at me.
    7. I dedicate a post in my blog to you.
    8. I ask you to visit me in the shop.
    9. I say "hello" to your picture.
    10. I walk through the snow late at night with sandals to help you out.
    11. I watch you leave.
    12. I laugh at your jokes...I mean, really laugh 'cause I want to.
    13. Songs I love remind me of you.
    14. I talk to you for hours on the phone and still don't want to hang up...even though it's 3am and I have school the next day.
    15. I can't concentrate on an amazing, world-renowned dance competition I am privileged to see because I'm thinking of you.
    16. I nearly pass out when I get a letter from you...and then open it last...even after my missionary's letter.
    17. I love your weird analogies.
    18. I move your screenname to the top of my contact list.
    19. I fret about what to get you for your birthday.
    20. When you're gone, I miss you so much it hurts.

    So, twenty's a nice number and a decent list. Check the blog for updates.

  3. Well, liz, I can't say I'd ever have the cojones to ask that question, if you'll pardon me referring to cojones.

  4. Thanks! I love how clear it is you two are relating some personal experiences w/ your lists. These are all good ones!

  5. Liz, your comment was amazing. I'm going to keep it. Amazingly written, girls.

  6. Wow..great list guys! I'm pretty much the same as well :)

  7. More! More! I need more! :)

  8. I'll get close to him. Say we're watching a movie together. I'll move my arm next to his. If he likes me, he'll (usually) move his arm closer to mine too, 'til they're touching. An unspoken confirmation of feelings. Or say we're standing somewhere talking. I'll stand a lot closer to a guy I like, maybe find a reason to touch him. It's all about the personal bubble and letting him in. Also, eye contact. If I like you, I'll look right into your eyes--and smile--and then you are mine. I hear I have a great smile.