Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I thought I'd just make mention of the movie I saw in my Super 8 class last night. Our instructor is required by the department to show us movies and have us write on them, so he decided to show us strictly documentaries, which are his preferred stock and trade.

Trekkies made me glad that though I appreciate some of the inter-character chemistry of the Next Generation series I do not attend conventions, collect memorabilia, or subscribe to any fanzines. However, it also seemed very much like the lunacy that affects any hard-core football fan who has the audacity to paint his/her face (and in some instances a rotund belly) in the favored team's colors and scream like a drunkard at the referee, all of which is in many instances is considered societally acceptable. However, when a person dresses like a Klingon and cheers a cast of characters from a show that originated more than 30 years ago, they're considered freaks.

Obviously, in either case there are extremes, and moderation in all things is a wise practice w/ any passion. Still, I find it ludicrous that I should be esteemed as odd because I celebrate comic books, mythology, and random acts of poetry and the super-jock should be exonerated despite numerous accounts of barbaric hazing, vandalism, and assorted pseudo-criminal insanity being a sports aficionado.

Go figure.


  1. My favorite part of the documentary was when the guy said, "I'm not a fanatic, I'm a fan." I laughed so hard at the sillies who don't know their etymology. Oh, and that one guy... with the costume... the one who was obsessive about it? He was my favorite person.

  2. Oh yes. I think we all determine our own connotation for various epithets, fan being foremost among them. I would say that I'm not a trekkie, but then I know the names of at least a few of the actors and whenever reruns would come on I could watch them over and over again. I'm just not ready to paint my face or spend my $ on conventions, etc.