Friday, October 22, 2004

Sigh . . . blondes

So I must be a ravenous wolf in really bad sheep's clothing---(are my sequins showing? Hehe. I always pictured the Big Bad wolf wearing a red sequin suit; go figure)---because women always have something else to do. This girl from my first block storyboarding class is an animator, which is more or less up my alley; she can be goofy, which I excel at, and she's got a good nose. Who could ask for anything more? (I'm still waiting on my Toyota.)

Problem is, she had some unexplained plans tonight so I'll be flying solo. Let's see: yogurt pretzels, chocolate Silk and homemade nachos. Check. Homework? Check. Laundry? Check. So I got "stuff to do" (mafia accent). And maybe, though its callous, I'm missing a good lip-lock; don't get me wrong, while I don't deny an exaggerated quantity of hormonal vigor I also connect a kiss more w/ a person's perception of how attractive I am, and since I'm working on a new virgin pair of lips, I'm almost certain---NOT VERY. (Cue retaliatory rebuttal here.)Most of you probably think it's lunacy to so contemplate a kiss. I don't want a make-out session, either. Just a ... $%&*$%@ Nevermind. Bah.

I most likely am not sounding as misogynistic/cantankerous as I should, being a troglodytic curmudgeon, but I'm working on it. Just got to git summa that bitternass back. That's right, I said bitternass! We doin' it west coast style, g! LOL. Nevermind. Don't . . . ah . . . no. I'm too white and uninformed, too suburban and happily so to start pretending I'm a gangsta. I'll let the white rappers of America handle that task. Although I wouldn't mind having a linguist's guide to South Compton . . .

Alas, the various tendrils of my ugly inner self are protruding. Talk about showing one's sequins!!! I'd better go and scour around for sheep.


  1. BLONDES??????????????? Don't get me started on this subject... I think you already know how I feel about it.

  2. Guys like brunettes better than blondes, anyway. Or at least they should. Brunettes are far prettier. I know, I conducted research.

  3. Liz, we should talk...

    I devised a possible answer to the question, despite my strong feelings: the order goes beautiful brunettes, beautiful blondes, average blondes, average brunettes. I hope no one is offended by that, but it explains why most blondes rate higher than brunettes...

    Also, it has to do with the fact that blondes' eyes stand out more than brunettes', just because of the coloring.

    Can you tell I've thought about this before? I'm still convinced that guys either prefer blondes, or like both (prefer either). I've met a total of only 3 guys who I believe truly prefer brunettes.

  4. I suppose the title of my recent post is misleading. I only said it referring to the specific girl, not the entire body of fair-haired women. If a woman be redhead, brunette, raven, or blonde, I don't care. I can say that I do not typically go for true blondes but only because in certain instances the stereotype is painfully true . . . LOL! Women of any hair color are equally perplexing, IMO.

  5. Haha.... ++, Taylor!

    Seriously, I wouldnt want to go out with a guy who is shallow enough to have hair preferences!! Hence, girls, it's their loss, not ours!

    And Taylor dearest, I messaged you re: this girl over msn already. Ask her again in another 2-3 weeks. She might've been genuinely busy, you cant make assumptions too quickly. But if she has yet another unexplained excuse up her sleeve next time, then it's time you bid her adeau. Goodluck!! :)


    Oops...sorry. MOLDY BLOG! MOLDY BLOG! :p

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR!!! (a day late)