Friday, October 08, 2004

Let's go to the moooooooovies!

So I'm going to go see Taxi, which looks to be a quirky funfest, and will most likely turn out to be an utter disappointment, with the exception of Queen Latifah, who can do no wrong in my feeling. It's the whole plotlessness I'm worried about. How is Fallon just going to run into this mad, speed-demon taxi driver when there are hundreds more (and even more ethnically diverse) scattered among the city? It would be grand if she sought him out for some reason. I get unnerved at a protagonist and/or subsidiary characters not having wills and minds of their own; in other words, being driven by a plot as opposed to making one on their own. Harry Potter seems like one of those, though I love the books. He's usually thrust into circumstances instead of engaging them. Plots circle around him; he doesn't create them on his own.

Of course, then we get mired in an argument of plot vs. character, and I just don't have time for that!

P.S. I may end up seeing Shark Tale (ugh!) either today or tomorrow also. Oh, and maybe Shaun of the Dead.


  1. Plot is so important. Without plot, it doesn't matter what the characters think and feel, it's not going to have any credibility, because everything will feel anticlimactic and pointless. Case in point: Heart of Darkness. We'll have to engage in a discussion about this at some point.

  2. First of all, this is a chicken and the egg conversation, as in, which one came first? Secondly, plot is crap w/o a good character to drive it. The world could be at stake, love on the line and I don't care who lives, dies, gets barbecued, broken-hearted, etc. if I'm not presented with a viable, interesting character. I've seen PLOT and then some. It's all detritus w/o an engaging character and accordingly, some hearty character development.